Suzanne Brooker
Teaching Artist


Ongoing Classes at the Studio
605 Lake Washington Blvd. East/98112

• Landscape Oil Painting Workshop

Learn to understand the patterns of Nature through landscape painting while building your technical skills in rendering sky, terrain, trees and water through essential brush work. An emphasis on compositional design and dimensional space expands your potentials in creative expression. Exercises in color mixing help you generate both organic, natural color to invented palette strategies.

Saturday morning sessions, 10am-1pm $75

Essential Drawing Techniques

Build your drawing skills as you explore rendering forms from nature and simple still life compositions. Practice basic drawing techniques in shading, gestural line and texture as you refine your perceptions in direct observation.  

Thursday morning sessions 10am-1pm $75

Landscape Drawing •

Continue to grow your skills in landscape drawing as we take on the challenges of rendering the elements of the natural world from clouds to water. Learn how to translate and compose from your photographs using various dry-to-wet media.

Tuesday morning sessions 10am-1pm,

Independent Study

Students work on independent projects with one-on-one instruction towards problem solving brush handling, color palettes, balancing values, and composition. Customize your learning intensity: once a week, alternating weeks, monthly.

By appointment $75 per 3 hour session

• Drawing from the Model•

Draw or paint from the model in a long-pose over 4 weeks, beginning January 4th 2018. A reserved easel limited to 4 artists. $125 paid in advance.

4 Thursday Evenings 6:30-9:30 pm $125

Questions? Email me

Exploring “That”

Julie Devine, Suzanne Brooker, Jean Myers

Opening Friday February 22, 6-8 pm

February 22-March 24 2019

Gallery Mack

2100 Western Avenue and Lenora, Downtown Seattle

Exploring “That” solicits a dialogue between the inner and outer worlds of the human experience as told through the interaction with visual art. These three pacific northwest-based artists, unique with their individual sensibilities, have created artworks that elicit “that-ness.” In the instant gratification world of today, complexity and nuance have been reduced to “that”. Do we even know what “that” is? What element creates an artistic response?

Devine pays close attention to the element of light — it’s value, source and temperature. She paints light to convey atmosphere and movement as though the art was always there waiting to be uncovered. Brooker’s figurative oil paintings evoke memory, create metaphor and incite thoughtful dialogue. Myers reveals visual truth by scraping away layers of paint, revealing the imagery beneath the surface.